South Ink is based in the southern part of Luxembourg. It's the first tattoo & piercing studio based in a shopping mall in Luxembourg. 




South Ink wants to share important values with its customers. We are not only seeking innovation and great work, but also fun, honesty, flexibility and loyalty. Most of all we want the customers to feel safe and in good company in our tattoo shop. 

This way, we can work together with the customer to create the perfect piece of art for them. 

Moreover, hygiene is something we care a lot about. It is the most important to us and will be strictly performed. 




We are bringing artists from around the world to Luxembourg! Our resident artists Papa Dhong, Boksii, Vanz Opider come from the Philippines, Bob from France. We also work together with a lot of guest artists from different countries to bring variety to us! They are specialized in the styles they do due to long time experience in their craft!

The difference in culture and artistic background is what assures the good vibe our shop stands for! We speak Luxembourgish, French, German and English to make sure we can consult you in best way possible.