What and who are Pintados you might ask?

The term comes originally from a tattooed filipino tribe which fell under enslavement from Spanish colonialists and means "painted".

Of course the Pintados did never let themselves discriminate or surrender without a fight and their tattoos stood for bravery in a battle. The more tattoos, the more success!


Pintados Clothing itself tells a life story full of ups and downs, moments of fear and courage, of darkness and the brightness that followed. To wear Pintados Clothing means more than a unique streetwear, it connects you with those who also never surrender and stand up after every time they fall.


Artistic background:

Inspired by the tattoo history and the art that comes with it it's important to know that Pintados Clothing is not only about the lifestyle of an ancient tribe but also of art and creativity. Art combined with a clothing line creates another way of expressing individuality and fashion.


Humanity as our philosophy:

Most artists are known to be some kind of introvertive. Art is more likely the reflection of inner thoughts and emotions to paper, skin or in our case even clothes.

To be understood by the society can be a really hard thing to achieve sometimes. That's why we like to build a community of people that like to do art and those who appreciate it in a unique kind of way. To buy art is nothing complicated but to wear and represent it is a whole other story!


(Community & Network)*:


To build a community of same interest and philosophy we are open for every creativity and art. Growing is the vision. To grow together is the ultimate mindset. By purchasing a Pintados Clothing garment you not only get a piece of art but you become member of a unique network.